The Inaugural road trip

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“I Love anything Inaugural”. Yells a Trail Chix.

“Well, we know just the race for you…….The Buffalo Stampede 26ér”. And we have not looked back.

In November 2014 Trail Chix was formed and almost immediately Claire, Michelle, Gayle, Michelle and Heidi committed to joining us in Bright, Victoria for the Sky running event.

These Chix have trained their little hearts out through the hours of hilly km’s, blood, sweat, tears and laughter to be strong, fit and ready. Unfortunately Injury has stuck Claire and Heidi, but in true Trail Chix form Claire is still making to trip to Bright to support the team.

But then, there are a lot of groups out there doing this, so what makes this group so special?

Their average age! Michelle, Gayle and Michelle are all on the better side of 50 and they are going from strength to strength. These Chix push themselves week in week out and never complain, never bitch and never whine, regardless of the start time, weather or course difficulty they arrive to training with big smiles and bigger hugs.

These Chix are nothing short of inspiring.

So Look out for them at Bright and give them a cheer out on course, we just hope we can keep up!




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