Female Feud

So this time round we surveyed 43 women. The question being…..

“What is the one thing you really want to get in your “goodies bag” at a race”?

The top 3 answers were:

1. Lube – Not sure what type of racing these women were into. But a bit of clarification and anti-chafe is a MUST have.

lip balm

2. Lip Balm – Something I never ever toe the start line without and it 100% should be mandatory kit.

3. Wine – Ahhh, this should go without saying. It is essential post race as gel is during the race. I recently did a race in Europe and I received a bottle of red with the race label. It is by far the best “goodie bag” edition I have ever received.

So RD’s take note of “what women want”…………………………. to be lubricated and hydrated.


****Ladies we really want to get to 100 women for these surveys, so if you want to be involved email us at: trailchix@hotmail.com **


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