A minute with Lucy Bartholomew 

1. How long have you been trail running for and how did you get into trail running? 

I have been trail running for 2 years if you don’t include school xcounty!  I started running when I was 15 to spend time with my dad. We used to run after school and work whilst he was training for TJNP_3Zero_Olinda-1289_lucy-600x445NF100. It really was bizarre; we would go out for 3 hours and just go slow and talk, eat, take pictures and I never really knew what distances or how long we were going, I just followed! I went with him to TNF100 and ran along the tracks while I waited for him and being in the Blue Mountains I found my real passion.

2. If Trail Chix could snap our fingers and send you to a trail anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

There are too many! I loved Chamonix, France but I would want to go somewhere id never been…Maybe Kilimanjaro! It looks stunning!

3Who is your favourite person to run with? 

My Dad! We don’t always agree on things at home but when you’re out on the trail, when it’s just the two of you moving forward, it all just works! I can talk about anything with him and we have had some great adventures together! It’s something special we share and I know it’s a very unique bond we have.

4. Trail Chix is Australian based. Tell us one thing you LOVE about Australian running/running culture/trails? 

I absolutely love the people in trail running in Australia. Every day I wake up and on Facebook people coming from different running groups all over Australia are out rocking their team’s uniform! It’s hilarious, and it really has made people feel a part of something no matter what their ability is! What I don’t love is the snakes

5. What is one piece of trail gear you can’t live without? Why? 

I can’t live without a buff. It’s such a basic piece of material but it covers all of my needs. It covers my ears, wipes my sweat, a bandage, beanie, mittens, neck warmer as well as being used once as a sock in the desert and a very tight boob tube top in NZ! Its uses are endless!  Plus, they come in pretty colours and patterns!!

6. What is your go to post trail run meal? 

This is easy! Poached eggs with avocado and sourdough plus a green smoothie or chocolate milkshake!

7. How do you keep motivated? 

I have a lot of dreams and goals I want to achieve and this always keeps me working towards something. I am a massive list maker and I love to get things done. Also the people I see out running or posting online about their achievement from coming back from an injury, running their first 5k or beating their PB. It makes me excited for them and motivates me to achieve my best too!

8. What are your goals for 2015? 

My big goal for this year was to represent Australia at the World Trail Championships and I am super excited to be going over to Annecy for the race on May 30th! I really want to give my best here! But mainly I just want to keep lLucy Bartholomew - Race 2 Long Course Female Winnerearning, trying new races, seeing the world and focusing on my dreams and living life every day! I am so grateful for where I am and I want to keep looking forward and never look back!

9. If I am brand new to trail running, what is the best tip you could give me? 

My best tip would be to always do what makes you happy. I grew up with a lot of people who told me this and it allowed me to really find my passion. I ran 100km before I ran a marathon at 16yrs old and people had opinions on what they thought was best for me, but I was happy!

If it feels right, go for it! But the minute you don’t want to be where you are…its time to make a change!

10. What is your greatest personal achievement in running (doesn’t have to be a race/event)? 

My biggest race achievement to date was becoming the junior female skyrunning champion in June last year. But my biggest running achievement has been getting out there most days to train and improve but also hearing that I have inspired other girls to get out there and play! I feel very honored, and I don’t want to stop!


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