Yurrabilla Ultramarathon 56km Race Review

Never more than 12 km from the centre of Adelaide, the trail offers stunning views, amazing gorges, waterfalls, wildlife and wildflowers. Commencing at Belair Railway Station in the south.


4 starting waves
6.00 am – Dawn Start Group or Group D – For those expecting to complete in 9 ½ hours -11 ½ hours.
7.00 am – Group C – For those expecting to complete in between 7 ½ and 9 ½ hours.
8.00 am – Group B – For those expecting to complete in under 7 ½ hours.
8.30 am – Outright Race Group (A) – For those expecting to complete in under 6 ½ hours.


Last weekend of September


Starting at Belair Railway Station

Finishing at Althelstone Railway Station

Adelaide Hills, Adelaide, South Australia


56km  *NOTE: No shorter distances

Cut off times:

Group D – 9 ½ – 11 ½ Hours

Group C – 7 ½ – 9 ½ Hours

Group B – Under 7 ½yurr

Group A – Under 6 ½


Ascent 2045m

Descent 2239m

Highest point: 627m

Lowest point: 108m

Road Surface: Majority of this trail is off road, however there is approx 5km of sealed road. The trail consists of fun windy single trail and hilly fire trail

Aid Stations:

The aid stations are unlike any other Ultra. Situated at 5km, 10km, 15.5km, 20.5km, 27.5km, 32km, 37.1km, 42.2km, 44.2km, 49km and at the finish.

Having aid stations this close means a) you don’t actually need to carry anything unless you want to, however I would recommend a small water pack or a hand held as it does get hot.Untitled And b) the race is broken into easily manageable sections for you, so mentally it is a cruisey race. This race boasts about being the “Gourmet Ultra”!. To be honest I didn’t take much notice of this until I saw the Aid stations, packed with the basics of water, Coke, Endure and Lollies you can also have your pick of cakes, potatoes, fresh fruit, lamingtons, pizza and much much more. To top it off all of the volunteers are dresses up, so not only is it delicious it is entertaining. The other thing I loved about these aid stations is the “love” shown to runners. I we were greeted by name (from our bibs), the volunteers filled our packs and bottles for us, and literally waited on us hand and foot. As a “hack” runner I felt as important as the lead runners of the event.

Some of the dress ups at the aid station.

Event Activities

Pre Race dinner:

Held on the Friday Night at Belair. In our opinion this is a must do extra. A choice of 2 scrumptious dishes (1 being vegetarian) and 2 desert options, a chance to purchase the event merchandise but more importantly we learned about the history of the event, met the lead runners and our personal favourite aspect was meeting other runners from each wave. This meant that we knew people out of the course and it made the day that much more special.

An added bonus is the spectacular view of Adelaide City at night.

Presentation dinner:

Held near the finish line at Athelstone Football Club, again great value and exactly what the doctor order’s post ultra-marathon…….Pasta!

The presentations do go for a while, however the lovely part of this is that they recognise a lot of people from the founders, runners, winners, oldest to youngest and of course the volunteers.

On a side note, the trophy’s are awesome!


This is an easy event to get to, made even easier by the amazing Race Committee.

Fly into Adelaide Airport (probably about 10km from the city), accommodation in the city or near the start line is plentiful and great value.

Race Day: You can leave your car at the start or near the finish (Athelstone FC).

The event runs busses from the Athelstone FC for each wave to the start (small cost applies) This is the easiest option!

Given the amazing generosity of all involved in this event you will always find someone willing to give you a lift back to the start line post presentation to collect your car.


Entry $130

Pre- race dinner & presentation dinner optional extras

Website: Yurrebilla_Trail_Ultramarathon


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