A moment to look back…

Sometimes it’s nice to look back at where you were and how far you have come. Tymeka and myself got the chance to do this recently in regards to Trail Chix. From an idea that started from the lounge room floor to over 2000 followers on Facebook, well over 3000 followers on Instagram and Yurrebilla Ambassadors for 2015 all this in less than a year! We are a little chuffed and grateful to say the least. In that year we have been run off our feet, but if you  know us well, you know we wouldn’t have it any other way!11719915_10153412271905539_600884558_n

Along the way we have met some amazing ladies and have made friendships that stem farther than the trails we all run on. We designed this group so that we could have more females running on the trails… we think we are succeeding. Both Tymeka and I are passionate trail runners and we love the fact that we have been able to give others the same bug for the off road activities. In true Trail Chix form we met on the trails and we have only looked up since (trail running has a lot of hills). We are constantly looking for the next adventure that we can share with the girls.

Some of the highlights so far have been meeting people that probably would have never ventured past the forest gate only to now see them enter race after race. Every lady we have met has had a story to tell and we feel privileged to be a part of the new stories being forged. Watching the group challenge themselves in tough races and having you all cross the finish line. Knowing what that means to each individual is what we take pride in the most! It is all about fun and we aim to smile and laugh the whole  time we are in the hills!

From the lounge room floor were we drew our first idea for a logo, to running high in the hills of the hinterland we have loved doing what we do… and most of all sharing it all with as many ladies as we can. We hope the concept continues to grow just like our passion for the trails. We have had a ball and we only have you all to thank for that. So THANKS!
Become a part of the fun and try something new…join us on our next adventure. We dare you!!!

tcRoylene just LOVES the trails

tc blog 11668101_10153412272285539_821296144_n


4 responses to “A moment to look back…

  1. That’s awesome ladies!!

    What a great idea it was and you’re both such an inspiration.

    Onwards and upwards, can’t wait to get out there a bit more 🙂


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