Running addiction…

We all love to run… but is our love becoming an addiction? Running is one of those forms of exercise that we begrudgingly start because we are told it is good for us and that after a few weeks it becomes easier… Well those people didn’t lie. It does get easier and it feels dam good! So good that after a few months you find yourself running as much as you possibly can. 11140379_834337103301077_6624502366583140585_n Then BANG, you wind up with an injury. I think this is something that happens to every runner at some point in their running career. So why do we do it to ourselves or why do we not listen to others advice, who also learnt the hard way. There is something about running that makes you push the limits every week. The numbers are addictive, the races are fun! The running community is competitive and for some reason we all cannot get enough of that one foot in front of the other. Trail running has added another element to running as the scenery and camaraderie that we have with other trail runners makes the adventures even more addictive, we find ourselves craving higher, harder and steeper! What awaits us at the top is always worth it. You find yourself chasing that “vert” and the forever changing ground under foot. No step is ever the same! Generally trails are more forgiving but we still have the ability to over do it.

Do you know when to say enough is enough? Do you know that your GPS is just a watch with numbers and most of the time those numbers have no bearing on who you are.
SO what are we trying to say… Yes we are the first to admit, from experience that running is a feeling that you cannot describe to a non-runner, but not at the cost and risk of injury. Finding a happy medium for your training and body is the most important key to longevity in the sport. It’s important to take your time and build up your mileage, enjoy the journey and remember its ok to say no or miss out on a run. A rest from running will only strengthen your running. Listen to your body it is the best indicator! Trust us in that we both have learnt the hard way.
We now don’t run every day! We run smart with the aim to keep our runners high going for as long as we can.

Yours in mud!tc3


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