Why do you run?

Over the past few months I have gone through a quiet and internal battle “why do I run”?

I have always been involved in sports and have raced at a high level, so for me running was no different. Trail running gave me an extreme buzz and still does, but the racing aspect may have just about ran its course with me.

Now, if you know me, which Tymeka does well, I am a creature of competition I thrive on being competitive. Competition was the thing that made me tick, it was my identity and I felt I had to be competitive in running.

In September Tymeka and I travelled to Adelaide and I raced at the Yurrebilla 56km ultra (great race and one you need to put on your list). This race was definitely a turning point for me. I found this race to be particularly tough, my back was sore and I had trained for this race but didn’t feel fit enough for what I wanted to do, the joy of self-pressure!

I spent that race battling with my head, I desperately wanted to pull out but couldn’t bring myself to do it, so instead I crossed the line not at all excited to have completed the course…

From here on I decided it was time to stop and go back to why I started trail running, for the fun of it, for being out in nature, for having fun and laughing in the forest with my friends. I had stopped running for those reasons and started running for events, times, positions and worst of all to try to meet the standards I placed on myself.

I love adventuring with Tymeka and others, getting lost and seeing some of the beauty in the Gold Coast Hinterland! I love seeing the ladies of Trail Chix get the same buzz I do when we are out there.

So, since that race I have run only a handful of times, no watch, no gps, no pressure, no program, no training goals, and no event in sight. The result…….utter joy.

It is no secret I love social media, but I have also stopped following a lot of running on social media and stopped posting about my running. I’m scared to go on Strava, it’s all about how many km’s, P.B’s and kings and queens of climbs. It’s a game of numbers and comparison. That’s not why I want to run anymore.

Does technology affect the reasons we run?

Who are you running for when we constantly are uploading digits and paces for the world to see?

Now, I am not saying that Strava is bad, I can see how much people love it and get out of it, I just like to throw the idea out there. Do you run for the Strava win or because you love the adventure that your running brings to your life?

Here’s a challenge for all to try… can you run for a fortnight without posting anything on social media or Strava?

How does this alter your running experience?

Food for thought….but we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Connie x



6 responses to “Why do you run?

  1. Done, no social media about running for two weeks 🙂 I don’t do strata so it will be no Facebook or Insta. One thing I loved about trail running when I started (or perhaps it’s just within Trail Chix) that the focus isn’t on time, it’s on experience. Road running, in my experience, is quite focussed on pace, HR etc…and it can become exhausting.
    I’m not overly competitive but I love pushing myself with training to see what my body and mind are capable of doing, not in comparison to others as a vast majority are far more experienced, fitter, younger, stronger…I just like to see what I can do without too many expectations.
    And I think crossing a line and not feeling excited, definitely time to recheck where it’s all at. Good for you 🙂 xx

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  2. Thank you for your brave, honest post Connie. Run naked (not literally, but without a watch/phone), run for the love of it, run for the endorphins, run for the friendship, run for being in the outdoors, run because we can! I am inspired by you-not because of how many races you’ve done, where you placed, or how competitive you are, but because of your athleticism, your skill, your strength, your personality. xxx

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  3. Connie – great post . I understand your experience here. About 10 years ago I went through a similar thing. I had competed at a high level all my life . From an 8 year old swimmer until I was 17 . Then top level surf lifesaving onto triathlon . I was super competitive and loved to achieve. Then one day that pressure was just to much. Remember we also didn’t have social media or gps watches like we have now. I stopped for a few years. Now I just love to be out there ,enjoying , going slow ( that took getting my head around) . I love seeing others achieve .
    Just being involved with the positive happy people who do sport. Hope to see you out there soon – Michele

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  4. I learned to run, trail run, lose 40 lbs., decompress, socialize, regroup and otherwise change my life, 15 months ago. There’s not a race on the planet or timed mile that could make me happier then running the trail – free and with no expectations. But I also love seeing stories and perspectives from other women about running, whereever they might be. Thanks!

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