Huma Chia Energy Gel Review

Recently Trail Chix were contacted by Huma Chia Energy Gels to ask if we might like to try their product. We were immediately interested mostly because these gels are marketed as 100% natural, real food product.

Now in the currently for most people, particularly runners and maybe even more so, female runners, “real” and “natural” is what people want. I would say at least twice a week Connie and I are asked to recommend natural energy products for training and racing. So we were excited to be able to test this product out for the Chix.

The idea of Huma Chia Energy Gels was born from the Tarahumara (Mexican Indian tribe) who were known to run large distances (100+ miles) on a special blend of Chia seed. huma 1

These gels contain products such as milled Chia seeds, water (it has a high water content, so it is easy to get down), fruit puree, brown rice syrup, coconut water, sea salt, cocoa butter and cane juice. Nothing artificial!

We were sent a sample pack of flavours including, strawberry, apples and cinnamon, blueberries, lemonade, chocolate and café mocha. The gels come in 36g-43g packets and are a good size to carry in your pack or shorts pocket.

But most appealing was the packaging. The first time I used them I was on a group run and as soon as I pulled one out there was immediate interest. “What’s that gel, looks great”…………But does it do the job.

If I compare the café mocha to that of another well-known sports nutrition brand it was appear to be nutritionally on par, however the Huma gels have a lot high level of sodium as sea salt is a key ingredient in the gel. huma 2

So to the important stuff: taste and energy!

When it comes to flavour the only way to describe it is WOW!

I have previously tried the natural brownies, made with avocado and such and the word vomit comes to mind, so I didn’t have high expectations. But OMG I was squeezing every last drop out of the wrapper.

The lemonade tasted just like lemon pie, strawberry like a spoon full of strawberry jam, café mocha oddly enough tasted like Tia Maria, very, very yum. huma 3

As the name suggested these gels are based on milled chia, so they have a grainy texture to them. However this was a nice change to the usual texture of gels, just be mindful to check your teeth before smiling for that finishing shoot photo!

The first time I used the Huma gels I did a 37km trail run and consumed 3 of the gels. Now to be honest that is a lot of gels for me, I still tend to use sandwiches and muslie bars as my main source of energy. But for the purpose of trailing these I didn’t have anything else on the day. (Excluding an electrolyte drink).

I found they sat in my stomach well, no upsets or sickness and I didn’t feel I “bonked” at all during the run.

For that distance I would definitely use these gels again. I think they could get a little sweet for a really long run (6+ hrs), but let’s be honest, what gel doesn’t?

 So we handed a few gels out to the Chix and asked for honest feedback. All the Chix were impressed with how easily the gels went down and the thin consistency. Although the flavours were the big winner, firstly the flavour matched the taste and it was yummy enough to enjoy. No-one complained of stomach issues with these gels, even for those trailing them on a hot day.

Another point worth noting is that these gels are Gluten free and vegan friendly.

The gels can be purchased from  Good Fuel Co for $4.00-$6.00/gel.

If anyone is interested in trying these delicious gels, they can be purchased from the Good Fuel Co and if you want to learn more about the science and development of this product head to the Huma website

Since testing these gels Huma have also released a few new flavours, check out the Huma or Good Fuel Co Facebook page to see what’s new, OR



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