The Biggest race yet – Lynnda’s Story

We are female runners, fit, healthy, happy, and busy. Spending our weeks fitting in runs with friends, coffee with the girls, stretching around school drop off and work.

Sounds just like you and I, right?

Well, it was just like avid Trail Chix follower Lynnda Coffey, 43 years old. Lynnda received a routine reminder for her yearly breast screen, which prompted her to book in for her bi-yearly pap smear.

Like a number of women out there Lynnda’s previous Pap smear came back with some abnormalities. Most of us would be thinking “isn’t this common, doesn’t mean anything bad” and maybe it doesn’t.

October 20th 2015 Lynnda had her routine pap smear. Probably, like most of us thinking “thank god that is out the way for another 2 years”.

October 27th 2015, 2:30pm, Lynnda’s life was turned upside down when she took a phone call and heard the words “cervical cancer”.

Lynnda Coffey

Lynnda Coffey

Not abnormal cells, not re-test, not a mistake. It was real. It was Adenocarcinoma!

Suddenly life as Lynnda knew it became hospitals, tests and results.

2nd November 2015 – Results were in. A 4cm tumour at the top of her cervix……….More tests and more results.

13th of November 2015 – 5cm Glandular Adenocarcinoma

24th of November – hysterectomy completed.

2nd of December 2015 – The best words anyone could hear……. Cancer FREE!

All this in 4 weeks of learning she had cervical cancer. Lynnda’s life has been changed and she will still have challenges to face during her recovery, but we are pretty certain this strong and determined women can get the best out of every day! Why you ask?

Well, because she is a runner, a trail runner, with a strong body and a stronger mind to get through the tough times.

Amidst all of this shock, blur of medical terminology, tests, results, emotions and fear Lynnda lined up on the 8th of November and completed the Triple Top Mountain run, 19.7km over 3 mountains with amazing scenery. Amazing achievement when many of us, probably myself included would want to curl up and cry.

So why are we sharing Lynnda’s story? To remind, prompt, encourage, urge, beg, demand, whatever is necessary, that all women have their pap smears as required. If you know Chix that don’t, remind them! We are busy creatures and tend to put ourselves last, but for this issue let’s make it a priority!


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