Age is only a number…

This week we caught up with Susie Smith…


Susie has been running with Trail Chix on Friday mornings and proving that age is no barrier when it comes to Trail Running!
Susie is 63 and charging on the trails every Friday with the rest of the crew…

Here’s a snippet of Susie’s story…

In early March last year, Susie was told the words “at your age, you probably need to give up running and take up something more gentle”……This was after a severe bout of bacterial pneumonia and a previous hip injury that had prevented her from running for months. This was followed by a back injury shortly after, due to the fact she was impatient to start running again… Sound familiar, all runner’s know the pain of a slow return after injury! 

These words devastated Susie as she had taken up running after her hubby (Pete) passed away (though she did run the City to Surf 10 months after his death, with absolutely no training whatsoever). She needed a challenge and running gave her just that! With Pete as her inspiration she launched into running and hasn’t looked back since.
Susie has overcome injury, and illness but continues to line up and enjoy all that running offers!

As Susie says “Running takes me to my Happy Place”

Susie we are wrapped to have you with us on the trails and a part of Trail Chix!

A minute with Susie Smith….

1. How long have you been trail running Susie?
I did my very  first trail on 9th January this year at Coombabah (it was advertised as a flat course, so I figured, what the heck). Absolutely loved it.
2. What do you most enjoy about being out on the trails?
I love the feeling of freedom that trail running gives me, being amongst nature..I feel like I’ve come home when I’m on the trails.
3. What are your goals with your trail running, where would you like it to take you?
I never really had a trail goal in mind when I first started the trails.  I mainly did it because I aim to do the Half Marathon on the Gold Coast in July. Other runners told me to start trails because it would make me stronger and fitter. But NOW….I would love to set a goal for the Coastal High 50 next year!
4. Where is your favourite place to run trails?
My favourite place to run (trails) would be Nerang…but I really did enjoy Numinbah Valley even though I was a complete newbie when I did it. Would love to go back there!
5. What motivates you to keep running?
I guess my motivation comes from my late hubby (sounds corny and cliche I know). He fought so hard to stay alive in this wonderful world, I promised him I would make the most of my life, and do stuff, even if it is outside my comfort zone. I wanted to make him proud and so I started running for Pete, and his memory. I will always run for him, and now I also run for me. He was my inspiration throughout his illness, he remains my inspiration and strength to this day. Getting up early sometimes is a struggle, but it is without doubt, the best and most fulfilling part of the day, seeing that sunrise, and having that feeling of freedom!
6. Your favourite piece of trail gear you own?
The best piece of gear I own is my Salomon Hydration Vest, and now just recently my Trail Chix singlet because it makes me feel part of something special. Makes me belong!
7. What would be your one piece of advice to a newbie?
To a newbie, from a newbie, just get out there and do it. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry if you are slow, it doesn’t matter, you will be included and encouraged and inspired. And you will have fun!
8.Favourite quote….oh that’s easy!
Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.  (it kind of even relates to running, even though this has been my favourite quote for years).

Its been a pleasure chatting with you Susie and we look forward to having you involved in all the Trail Chix adventures that lay ahead!
Susie’s words of wisdom… my advice would be, enjoy that special place in your mind where trail running takes you, enjoy the friendships along the way, and enjoy the freedom it gives you…oh and watch out for snakes hehe.
“I love the trails because it is exhilarating, it’s fun, friendships are formed, and it takes me to my happy place”
Be sure to check out Susie on Facebook : Susie Smith Facebook

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